AES Crypto app user reviews

Here are some of the reviews submitted by the app users on the App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android. On this page I will post reviews that may be helpful for others.



By Navak.Dario - iOS

Nice app. I would be better if you support HTTPS on the website version.

My reply: Thanks, Navak.Dario, very good point. Done. :)

Full marks for simplicity and robustness


By stu36 - iOS

Simple, robust: just follow instructions carefully and you'll see what it's doing. It does work, and so few key strokes are necessary to integrate some encryption into your workflow. Nice one.

My reply: Cheers, stu36, you were the first to review the app.



By aidan taylor - Android

Is this even real AES? I can't decrypt it with any other text AES decrypt program even when taking out the header.

My reply: Hi Aidan, good question. Yes, I am using standard AES encryption which is done by the popular Crypto-JS library. As you've noticed the encrypted text produced by this app is not compatible with apps made by other developers. You can only decrypt it with this app or on web site.

Undervalued security app!


By AdamJRed - iOS

Great app, works perfectly with the website as well! Great for sending sensitive information via SMS or email. I've even created QR codes from encrypted messages that were just as easily decrypted. The buttons on the new update help, thanks!!

My reply: Many thanks for your tips, AdamJRed. Very creative usage of encryption with the QR codes! I am glad that you liked the new buttons in the new update, that was a feature requested by users.

Reliable app


By ninilak - iOS

Simple, open source, and really fast app. Well done!

My reply: Thanks, ninilak. The app was not designed to be that good! Just kidding. The source code for the app is indeed available on GitHub. Feel free to use it for any purpose.


Thank you all for posting those reviews on the App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android. Have fun!